Exceptional Flooring in Northern Rivers

Budget Timbers has an extensive range of high-quality flooring products available to clients throughout the Northern Rivers. Our Lismore based small business has over 35 years experience in delivering timber to residential and commercial clients. Our products range from T&G flooring to sawn hardwood to kiln dried hardwood to dressed hardwood to treated pine and pine decking timber.

Examples of our highly rated timber products include:

Jarrah — Timber supplies in North Lismore, NSW


Jarrah is a dark red timber that darkens more over time into a deep burgundy colour. Its stunning shades, resistance to insect attack and high density make Jarrah a top contender for residential flooring.
Spotted gum — Timber supplies in North Lismore, NSW

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum gets its name from its smooth bark that sheds in patches leaving a soft mottled colour. The wavy grain allows for attractive markings which, along with lush, brown colouring, make Spotted Gum extremely sought after.
Brush Box — Timber supplies in North Lismore, NSW


With colouring ranging from rich reds to lighter browns, Brushbox brings warmth to any home. It has a fine and straight grain adding to the aesthetic qualities of this timber.
Tallowwood — Timber supplies in North Lismore, NSW


Tallowwood has many uses and is highly sought after by architects and homeowners due to its durability and colourings. It comes in lovely shades of yellowish brown and tinges of olive green, with a dominant feature of growth rings.
Flooded Rose Gum — Timber supplies in North Lismore, NSW

Flooded Rose Gum

With pink blush tones to soft reds, Flooded (Rose) Gum makes for a beautiful timber flooring choice. It has a smooth texture and straight grain.
Grey Ironbark — Timber supplies in North Lismore, NSW

Grey Ironbark

Grey Ironbark is native to Australia and is a strong and durable timber with many uses. Its colouring range from pale and dark brown to deep reds.
If you are looking for durable, aesthetically beautiful and affordable timber for a flooring project, you can rely on Budget Timbers to come through. We have relationships with the best suppliers in the region for year round access to the most on trend and best-priced timber for flooring installations.
There is no better feeling than sitting down on the edge of a newly installed deck at your home or business. Decking projects can be complex and time-consuming but they are well worth the effort. It's an even better feeling with decking timber from Budget Timbers, our timbers are high-quality, flawlessly finished and durable.
At Budget Timbers we know many of our residential and rural clients need to protect their property with timber fencing. We specialise in sourcing the most affordable, long lasting timber that also provides the aesthetic charm you would like. You will get an affordable and durable fence up on your ... Read more