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As the foremost supplier of timber to clients throughout the Northern Rivers, Budget Timbers specialises in timber for flooring installations at homes, businesses and other applications in the area. Selecting the right flooring for your home, apartment or business is one of the most important decisions you will make.

You walk on your floors all day, every day. If there is a problem with it, your day to day life can be impacted and it can potentially be a significant issue for the structural integrity of your home or business. It's crucial to source the highest quality timber if you are choosing to go with a natural product for your floor installation.
Timber Rules — Timber supplies in North Lismore, NSW

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All Technology has made many different flooring options available for residential and commercial floors in the Northern Rivers. From carpeting, vinyl and ceramic tiles to a range of synthetic options, there are pros and cons for each type of material but none match up to timber.

There is a reason why timber is still seen as the gold standard for flooring, especially if you would like to maintain a vintage aesthetic at your home or business. No synthetic material can compare to the look and charm of high-quality timber, especially when sourced from a quality supplier.

At Budget Timbers we do all the leg work so you can sit back and appreciate the highest quality timber for your floors when they're laid. Backed by our more than 30 years experience in the industry, we're very proud to be able to supply the highest quality timber for your flooring project. It doesn't matter what variety or colour of timber you are looking for, we will have it in stock and can deliver it to you within the Northern Rivers.
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Adding Value and Beauty

There are two significant reasons why home owners and business owners get timber for their flooring renovation or new construction projects. The first is that timber flooring will increase the value of a property. When prospective buyers see timber flooring that looks beautiful, charming and structurally sound, they are willing to pay more to procure that property.

The other reason timber is such a great choice is because of the natural beauty it can add to a living space. Whether it's a business wanting to attract new customers or a home owner who wants to enjoy each moment they spend in their space, timber flooring can help.

You would be amazed at the difference high quality, natural timber can make to flooring. It's a different level of charm and aesthetic beauty. When you factor in the quality of the timber we supply, it's the obvious choice to go with this option for your flooring.